Down Syndrome

This baby boy of just 8 months has been at once easier and more difficult that the prior 9 my husband and I have had.  A scare in the NICU. A plethora of therapists, doctor’s appointments, and tests. Until just now I’d forgotten how terrible it was for me to have to take him to the hospital to get blood drawn twice a week.  Though I have a sister-in-law with down’s syndrome, I did not REALIZE the number of things that *can* fall under the down syndrome umbrella. Yet still, his baby sounds delight me in the mornings.  His baby softness stirs my soul. The utter and complete love I had for my firstborn son (20 years old now) is now his . . . I catch myself sometimes – borrowing tomorrow’s troubles for today, when I do not even know what they will be.  He won’t be able to . . . BUT, there are doors that are open to him, and our family, that were closed before . . . a whole new world awaits.  I liked the article “going to Holland” (insert link)- I’ve never joined a support group in my life despite having myriad reasons to do so, but for Caleb, we did.  I needed to know what other moms were going through with their children, their doctors, their therapists.  I wanted to know what books they were reading and what choices they were making for their children.  My daughter has a blog and she can schedule her posts ahead of time (and I never completed this over a year ago!) Here it sits. Alone. Untended. Unfinished.  Til another day.

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Yet another beginning . . .

Image Twins – one was doing poorly and was going to be lost. Until they put his brother in to comfort him.  Against the rules, no doubt.  The power of touch!  A video exists  of  Mother Theresa entering an orphanage of screaming, neglected babies, shows just a hand, placed on their little bodies wracked with sobs, would calm them.  I have never forgotten.

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